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Please accept our deepest condolences in the
loss of your infant or child. So sorry.

The photos of our wood baby caskets below, and the description follows ------ Beautifully designed line of wood caskets; furniture workmanship, quality construction and attention to details such as kiln-dried (if) poplar wood with walnut stain and satin finish; one-piece hinged lid with latches; No. 1 grade lumber in oak, cherry and poplar. Lid on the American Baby (first image) features a partial ray panel with cotton roll sides trimmed with white gimp. Lined bottom in Velvet, trimmed with white lace, includes pillow and blanket The lid on the casket named One Above (second photo) features foam fitted sides and is accented with buttons - and pillow, interior is Velvet in variety of colors, trimmed with white lace. Fully functional for earth burial. Accent & Quality are remaining two, nothing but the best for burial of precious infants or other deaths - budget minded for all.
The infant caskets above (click to enlarge) come in several sizes, 18", 23", 27", 32", 37", 42", and 54" "These units are handcrafted in southern Indiana with the utmost care given to detail." Prices range $80.00 thru $780.00 depending on size / wood and interior choice.
The #1 Oak wood "American Baby " 18" one retails for $490.00 + shipping to your area is an added $38.00 or so, depending on zip code and if overnight it is an added fee. Added price for Cherry, discounted for Poplar, also depends on other size ordered.

The Baby Tribute caskets offer choice of interior in (changed, no Satin or cotton) but white or colored soft pastel blue/ pink Velvet or white Crepe.

infant caskets that look good

baby caskets of all sizesPrices: Starting 17" at $275.00, then 24" $398.00 - 33" is $460.00 & [43" is no longer made] for the above Tribute caskets.


Or see these Angel's of Heaven baby vault combo caskets, 24 & 32 inch Angles of Heaven casket burial vault combination below. White interior onlyblue baby casket Our line of combo baby caskets and vault (very popular too). "You are the key to my heart" engraved on key tag.
  The Angel of Heaven casket - combo vault is made of polymer plastic (strongest material - the Polyethylene unit is a seamless design, to provide ultimate strength, durability and elegance.) Stuffed toy Gund lamb included.
These infant caskets are available in sizes Small of 24 inch,  (24"(L)x12"(W)x9"(H)weighs 27 lbs. Or larger 32"  (32"(L)x16"(W)x12"(H)weighs 47 lbs. The infant vault casket combination is a White Granite color, lined in a WHITE flowing soft fabric, comes with a butyl seal - no other burial vault needed. Includes a lamb with a pink or blue bow and a lock with a keepsake key. Cost of shipping added (varies from zip code, method required for need.)  SORRY AS OF 4/18/12 WE HAVE NOT FOUND ANOTHER SOURCE FOR THIS BABY CASKET, BUT
THE Baby Tribute caskets HERE ARE COMPARABLE .

Please know the length of the baby and what is the weight, so we can know which size infant or youth
casket is needed. 17 inch, ($320.00)  (For example, the 23" is $345.00 plus shipping)  33"($495.00) or 43 inch.
Or, if you choose, there are 24" baby caskets that are constructed of strong, (with a sealant,) high-impact styrene. These caskets are capable of serving as a casket-vault combination. They are available in pink for infant girl or blue for infant boy as shown in the below baby casket image. Double wall units #24 - 24" x 12" x 9" ID Crepe covered pad and pillow trimmed generously with lace. Coverlet available at additional cost.
"Baby's Nest" Pastel pink & pastel blue at a cost for either of $345.00

The #20 Deluxe (below casket image) "Baby Dream" is available in an almond colored exterior with a matching rosetan interior. The interior consists of a pad and pillow. The skirted pad and the pillow are trimmed generously with lace. The pillow is accented by a floral appliqu. Single wall construction 20" x 8" x 7.75" I.D.

baby casket
Cost is $295.00 --- The "Baby Dream" is also available with a combination pink and blue interior in the regular style (no skirting). (both ship for approx. $28.00 -$40.00 - or overnight charge is an added fee, depending upon zip code and state)

Please let me know if one of the above is what you are looking for, and which it might be. Payment is by check debit or check draft by phone or credit cards.

Thank you for looking and giving us the opportunity to be of service. We also have smaller baby caskets and larger youth caskets. If you have any questions, please let us know. Please call anytime 24/7 to 800-595-1313

God Bless you and yours, Betty Brown CEO, A Team Master's Casket store. These are not all of the choices we have. See us for other colors, sizes and materials. Also, more woods and steel baby caskets as well. Please let us know what you are looking for. Or if any questions, drop us a note. steel youth caskets
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we can offer it as well, for a lot less! Delivered all USA. (So often we have heard "all that was offered is something that looks           like a to-go container"!)

Want a Price Quote on a specific custom casket or a special unique and different coffin style? Or custom made too, an old world style infant coffin? If we do not offer the casket you wish, please let us know what you are looking for, and we will do our best to find it or get it. Custom work does take added time, but there are options. Please consider having us help with your special arrangements. A Team Masters offers savings on ALL caskets, burial grave liners, urns, headstones or memorials.

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