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Definitions of funeral on the Web: a ceremony at which a dead person is buried or cremated; "hundreds of people attended his funeral" ---end copy--- Indeed, it is a formal event performed for this special occasion - a death of a loved one. There are funeral ceremonies of gathering the family and friends, acquaintances at a funeral, where the body is not present. This is a budgeted event as well, as it does not need a funeral director present.

So, do not let them tell you which direction you should go in orchestrating this funeral. It is not all about the casket, or if the body is present at a funeral. The funeral good-bye, doesn't have to be so outrageously priced. Both are down-played by others, who are perhaps unhappy about the loss of added income of you using your freedom of choice. But knowing about the choices, and getting what you want, that is the key.

We ship all USA.
You have to be a smart shopper too. Some funeral parlors are upping the 'basic service fee' of funeral director and staff so much (over $1,400.00)then dropping the cost of the casket drastically (for them)that they can HIDE a huge profit in that overhead fee. And in the cost for the vehicles too ($225.00 for a hearse, and $225.00 for a limo- that you will use just 2 hours??) So, you are really overpaying other places - check emblaming fees too, and ALL other. Don't shop just on the price of the casket alone.

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There are many ways to have a meaningful funeral, while keeping in budget. The affordable funeral will not be less of a grand affair, if you do not overspend on a casket, or purchase an exorbitant one by name brand. People do not shop for caskets by brands, which is a good thing. Because only those that are the 'older' firms, have their foothold deep enough in the industry, to try to stop competition. We sell USA made caskets, from suppliers who use quality materials and employ superior craftsman trades people in the manufacturing of the caskets we carry.

The standard size of a casket is of a length of
84 inches; width 28 inches, and height 23 inches. However, a 28" casket size has a 26" interior.

BUT, there are changes perhaps, invented overseas eco-pod units. But for now, please see our units off the selections page.

We offer our product in all budget ranges. quick link to browse and to purchase caskets online on our Selections page offering our most popular caskets, however if you have seen another - ask - we can offer it as well, for a lot less! Delivered all USA. Also, if someone has a homemade casket (< link for parts and directions on DIY) for a simple, dignified funeral and burial,
A Team Master's can still provide the burial vault if needed,
at a considerable savings as well -
through our network of local providers.

The funeral is not made by the casket, nor the amount you spend on one.
But rather, on special loving little things done for that ceremony,
 by the lost loved one's family and friends.

The larger cost items in a funeral arrangement are the casket - but more so is that non-declinable 'basic service fee' of the mortuary, (which should be 'shopped around' as it runs from $600.00 to over $2,000.00) and then embalming fees. Other than if the body is crossing state line, or being shipped by air, etc., embalming is not required by law except in 3 specific circumstances; death by infectious disease, a prolonged period of time between death and burial, or most commonly, a public viewing or wake. (Funeral home rules, not federal or state. And more so by mortuaries who can not utilize refrigeration at their facility. In fact, overseas even with viewing, embalming is not part of the funeral). If you have a closed casket funeral service, embalming is not required. Along with the purchase of embalming, is the open casket viewing - the 'rental' of the parlor for viewing, either once or twice and then for the funeral service as well. Those added rental fees add up. The funeral service is complete however, with all that YOUR plans cover. If the price and basic design of a modest casket appeal to you, and a funeral service within a certain budget, then you are among the growing number of consumers who know it is not being cheap, but living within their means. Just part of a simple funeral savings strategy plan. "It is not what you earn that is important, as much as it is what you spend." What makes the family pleased, that is what is important. There is a movement in many states for home funerals, no services of any mortician involved and with a viewing even, using dry ice. Or no viewing, closed casket service at a church.

Please don't let anyone sway you into spending more for a casket than what you wish to - or a sales person, mortician use any guilt or other bad sales tactics to have you overspend. Do not let anyone tell you getting a casket outside of the funeral home is impossible, we do it all the time. If you run into anyone who tries to talk you into up-spending or mention a different brand of casket, it is okay to be firm and tell them no. If they try to 'haggle' with you, walk out. Also, inquire if the parlor has refrigeration if you do not wish embalming. Please know that we can and do offer all makes and models of caskets, more choices even than at the local parlor- but at a considerable savings.                         Call us at 800-595-1313 for any answers or purchase needs for funeral arrangements.

This is one of our more popular of the least expensive models. The color is the same all over, no chrome handle bars, a gun metal gray. But it is a nice casket, with white crepe interior, priced well in an economy range, a 20 gauge  steel casket for families on a budget, for $940.00 (all other units have shipping included, however, for this price - it is included. Depending on area, how far from airport, and if order given early and 2-3 days away from funeral. But with shipping, it is still less than offered in many areas. 
But please call to confirm if shipping is an added fee here, and the amount. 
This is the Greytone or Coppertone unit. If you wish to see other styles and price ranges, please visit our Selections page.

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