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This was written by Betsy, Jeanieís sister (known to some as Betty)

It is with a heavy heart that I write this. Jeanie was one of my favorite sisters. By Law Ė she was a stepsister, but we never considered it as such. She was really a wonderful, warm and caring person. I will miss her deeply. As a person in our lives whom we have lost contact with, this hurts. Part of our history and future are gone. But she will live on in our hearts, and if we look around us, we can see her accomplishments as well. She has left a fine family, and made a difference in otherís lives.

Her death certificate says she died of natural causes (a heart attack, if that indeed can be natural.) We all learn what death is in our lives. We see how fragile life is, one day things are fine, the next our world has changed. We donít know what day the Lord will take us home, and what things we will leave unfinished.

Jeanie was young when she lost her mother, then after marriage, she lost baby children, parents, and siblings. It hurt her deeply when she lost a daughter, husband and went thru some of the hurdles that life handed her. But she understood life is about change, and one needs to accept there is a heaven, and loved ones are in a better place.

While Jeanie may not have had a diploma, she had better qualities than a lot of those that do with one. She had a good sense of humor too, loved to laugh and was a good cook. She would give you the shirt off her back if you would let her. A warm friend who was always looking out for her friends too. As good of a friend as anyone would ever want. She didnít judge people, hold grudges or put on airs. People could take lessons from her in that. Jeanie made do the best she could with what she had, and enjoyed life, her hobbies & the people around her.

As a Mother she also excelled. All that mattered in life she was good at. She was a Christian too, so we know she is up there in heaven with all her family and friends who are privileged to be there too. Her family and friends can be proud of her.

We will miss her deeply, - no, we already miss her deeply. 78 years old is a fair amount of time on earth. It is a lot more than many get, but it sure could have been longer for someone who added to the quality of others lives. But I have to tell you too Ė Jeanie got what she wanted too. She didnít want to live ill Ė and in a nursing home. She wanted to be home. Maybe not just as fast to the real home we have upstairs in heaven. She would have waited years for that. But God is in control so, now she is, at the only home that all of us one Earth desire to end up at.

We wonít forget her, and know that her sons Nelson and Robert, and daughter Carol will have the heaviest burden to bear without her there for them anymore. But, I believe, she taught them well, and her qualities will live on through them.

If I can assist you in any way, please let me know. I have been to a lot of funerals - and I have to tell you, they are much more memorial with a tribute written. The funeral should not be a cookie cutter one, it should be a final good-bye that scopes the person's life. In my opinion, people will remember what was said, much more than anything else. It is often therapeutic for the person writing the eulogy. It can be given to the Pastor, or another to read. But, saying something now, will replace reqrets later if you think of something more you could have done.

The "Celebration of life" is why we do funerals. While it may be the hardest thing you have ever done, the eulogy is a form of respect. You could do it in the form of a poem, a song or a letter. However, they are all done as loving eulogies - it doesn't have to be professional. Just personal and heartfelt.
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