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There are many different styles of fiberglass caskets ~ they can be made to look like wood, steel or unique, but all beautiful. The following are some of the most popular styles. The fiberglass casket is a stable material, which means the integrity of the casket will not change under normal funeral industry standards. Fiberglass caskets are hand crafted by artisans. Each fiberglass casket is completely seamless because it is designed in a mold. These units offer long lasting endurance and materials are top of the line. A Team Master's is proud to offer them, a great buy for the money. Fiberglass is not offered by ALL or many funeral directors (although our supplier is one) - as they have "arrangements" with JUST one or two manufactures selling only their line. However, that is what makes them a better buy too and more special. We find many people like these quality USA made caskets. A greater value at a cost less than the best metal and wood caskets made today.

Serenity with Pearl White Velvet interior

A Team Masters Serenity Fiberglass Casket with Pearl White Velvet interior $1,989.00

Blue fiberglass Serenity casket with Flag Blue Serenity Casket With Light Blue Velvet Interior, and showing American Flag (without wind). Cost is $2,069.00
(Fiberglass caskets are sold with added cost of $70.00 crate
Plus cost of shipping to your location.)
$150.00 - up, depending upon freight method. custom

Our line of caskets come with choice of velvet or crepe interior, many handle choices or colors.

"Fiberglass, stronger than other caskets ~ burial product"

We can also custom make (custom orders do take plenty of advance notice) most any picture~ scene~ Alumni ~ insignia or look that you might want. Custom order might take a few weeks. Our full line is not shown , however they are in stock, and ready for order & delivery to the address of your choice.
Note, caskets that have a gasket, or are called a sealer casket, which might be needed if transporting the deceased across state line or by air, sea or train, are why the gasketed casket was needed. Not as a "protective" feature.The sealer may be voided if the "key" is not turned fully tight to lock it in place. Some may wish to use the casket in that manner for burial also. A study on fiberglass caskets can be found at http://www.casketstores.org/corgnewspr.html
Infant caskets of all materials, including the strongest, }This "One Angel"
Polymer baby casket that is also a burial vault
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