Chart of desiredfuneral arrangement purchases and services
for the public to use or budget - gain info at need or pre need.

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email  Funeral cost worksheet of  fees taken off General Price List (GPL)
morticians are required to GIVE you copy, disclose prices by phone orin person for comparisons.

funeral home name and contact name

address and phone

date of contact  phone or visit

 desired total  budget/ type ofservice

Basic service charge services director& staff

viewing  y / n embalming
y/n ( show cost) number of visitations

# 3? of fees servicecar, pick up /hearse






Choice of type of service, costbreakdown for each. Please make sure the provider you are checking doesnot have all prices 'bundled' so you have no choices. If there is a'package deal' often it will include items you would not need or feeshidden where the public is forced into higher costs. Find parlors whounderstand freedom of choice, and your needs at a fair price, notbundles.  Also, if the GPL states different prices if casket ispurchased there, (discount) find another parlor, it is NOTdiscounted  or lesser price at all! Please mark in all cost-  detailing above / below fees. It is possible toselect only the items you wish in most of the cases, and do without, ordo it yourself.  Also, if there is a   dispute that isgoing downhill, at a mortuary, they can not hold a body hostage, youare free to change providers - they are employed by you. Please learnmore if this is a possibility. We are a Consumer's Advocate. Also, since 1968  ATeam documentsan average savings of 64% when product (casket or vault, (to name afew)is purchased here. We offer pre need or at need sales, & Coaching following all statelaw.  Shipped all U.S.A. 800-595-1313 
  grave side service     
  or traditional  
     or cremation
w/viewing  or not?
cost for casketing body and make up?
Obituary details, costs and # of  death  certificates.    




CEMETERY SERVICES / COSTS(CONTINUED) A Team Master's purchases as well.

TYPE - name of cemetery, andaddress, above or below ground burial? 
Section and plot number Opening and closing fees? Day ofweek? 
MONUMENT type, and inscriptionwished?

Purchase pre need or at needcosts?

casket type  / steel,(gauge) /  wood orfiberglass  & color/ interior &  cost

grave liner or vault type cost
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Best frieghtshipping included in price, if needed overnight next day delivery,added fee may apply. ~ Quick link to browse and to purchase caskets online on ourSelections page offering our most popular caskets, however if you have seen another -ask -we can offer it as well, for a lot less! Delivered all USA. 

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