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"Being overweight or obese substantially increases the risk of dying from cancer", according to researchers from the American Cancer Society. "American Cancer Society Now Believes
Obesity is as Dangerous as Smoking."

While the consumer who is short also has special needs, so goes the larger built, heavy person as well, with a grand size casket requirement. While the above quote chooses words obese, we don't think that is the correct term to use. Nor should a big woman or a big man be called fat. Oversize caskets are the terms the death care industry uses for big caskets in Plus sizes, or an overly large casket.

  • Please excuse us for the above quotes, as the search engines direct you to our page of larger caskets. Please also accept our sincere reqret and know we are wishing you well as you go through these arrangements.
  • We offer a much needed product and wished you to find us. These large caskets /coffins are for Plus size and Tall people.

A Team Masters provide large, attractive caskets at the best prices, for special needs. We offer all brands - models and makes for all faiths - batesville caskets as well, however, know that our quality units are USA made.
  • Copied from the FTC funeral rule booklet ( - Rule 16 C.F.R. Part 453);      "No casket, regardless of its qualities or cost, will preserve a body forever. Metal caskets frequently are described as "gasketed," "protective" or "sealer" caskets. These terms mean that the casket has a rubber gasket or some other feature that is designed to delay the penetration of water into the casket and prevent rust. The Funeral Rule forbids claims that these features help preserve the remains indefinitely because they don't. They just add to the cost of the casket." --end copy--- The gasketed casket was invented when they started shipping bodies across state lines or by air and sea.

“Plus Size” line of caskets. With interior widths ranging from 25" to 26-1/2" - 28" gasketed casket - these caskets come in a variety of 18-gauge, stainless, copper and bronze styles that fit standard 29" and 30" vaults.
30" gasketed casket $1,599.00 to $2,000.00
These below require a (non standard) larger burial vault if cemetery demands burial in an outer burial container. Also, for other choices, of Plus size caskets, click on link to left or here for "Fiberglass" units. Please let us know if you have seen another somewhere else, that you wished a price on - giving us the model and info, for our better prices.
33" gasketed casket $2,299.00 oversize caskets from A Team Masters The Masters (click to enlarge casket pic) image opens into new window

36" Non-gasketed $2,599.00 oversize caskets from A Team MastersThe Serene (click to enlarge casket photo) into new window

These brands listed below are the older casket manufactures, but that does not AT ALL assure the better product. Just more restrictive in casket dealerships. Batesville® is a Registered Trademark of Batesville Casket Company. York is a registered trademark of the York Casket Company. Aurora is a registered trademark of Aurora Casket Company - but we sell them too.

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