Casket, grave liners & burial items, delivered direct to the funeral home or address of your choice. Yet for better prices than they have, A Team Masters is a considerable amount less and we are as near as your phone. We ship our products all through out the USA . We also have suppliers in many states, making this local delivery (and adding more often). There are a few areas where we are unable to get grave liners to / from or in.( Not many, just a few, we are overcoming this.) Does not apply to caskets. The vault is a more closed market with some fewer suppliers/ shipping being a higher factor. Please ask us to try, most likely we can also save you a considerable amount of money

on the outer burial container as well. If not, we will let you know that too!

Contractors if need parking lot concrete
boxes,/ 2 ft spring fish boxes, please call.

Our firm saves you money on vaults, selling direct to the public, or wholesale to qualified businesses.We are redoing this page to add others too.

The Best burial vault – comes in many styles, accents and colors. AND is Triple Premium Protection, the world’s Most affordably Elegant Burial Vault. Available in 5 colors,
  Choose from colors of Blue, Dark Gray, White, Sandstone or Rose of Sharon granites.  Under 185 lbs each, another benefit, but the Strength, Protection, Readily Available, Quality, Elegance and Cost are why we are growing and becoming the #1 choice. The most popular choice indeed.
 75 yr manufacture warranty, (Triple Premium Protection – infused with Polyethylene Structural Foam) and are 2000% lighter then concrete.
Made with Polyethylene in a patented seamless double wall design. Unlike fiberglass vaults – these are STRONGER, passing a static load test, 5 times greater than concrete, and much stronger than fiberglass –                              not 15,000 lbs, but 28,100 pounds!

These patented seamless double wall plastic outer burial containers are more structurally sound and surpasses all on the market today, including steel, concrete, fiberglass or even other plastics.  
If you are calling from a cemetery, church or as a funeral director, we sell wholesale- lots of 6 plus shipping is less than one or a few purchased at a time.
 Is the entry-level burial vault in this Line. With the looks and style of expensive concrete vaults. Endurance grave liner  burial vault
  • Has Double wall top and single wall base construction.
  • This burial vault will meet the very basic need to satisfy all cemetery
    requirements - as it is more structurally sound than others on the market.
  •  Designed to stack on one another  (Base 105 lbs Top 75 lbs)
  • Top Seal
  • Design lends itself to be highlighted
  • 50 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • ( Outside dimensions 91” (L) x 35 ˝” (W) x 34 ˝ (H) Inside 85” X 29 ˝ X 29 ˝

    From the FTC website “Burial Vaults and Grave Liners” Cemeteries often require a burial vault or a grave liner to enclose the casket in a grave. The vault or liner is used to prevent the ground from caving in as the casket deteriorates. Burial vaults are considerably more expensive than liners. “ End quote, Say sometimes more expensive, BUT not considerably HERE!

    They are also environmentally secure, corrosion resistant to acid soils, watertight and airtight for ultimate protection. (They are sealed with a self-aligned channel for easy sealing plus a butyl seal for permanent protection.)

    Most other outer burial containers use a thin plastic liner to assist with waterproofing the unit, and the NCBVA standard requirement set (static load) for burial vaults is 5,000 lbs. All of ours Well surpass minimum requirements By far.


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    We hope you have found this information useful, and look to us for all of your funeral and /or burial needs.

    This "DISCLAIMER" is the same text as used by funeral homes, due to this being some of the very same product. We are located in Ohio, however we have "brokers & suppliers" in most all states and are able to offer these burial items at huge savings. Our turn around time in getting your order filled at need (time of death) is next day if needed. Or we sell pre need (in advance) following state law where you are located, as permitted.

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