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A Team Master's Caskets and Vaults
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Just because one might want to
"make sure s/he knows how expensive that is"
does not mean that it's probably beyond their means.
It just means they are smart enough to know that those dollars are better off in their pocket, than the salespersons.

At A Team Master's Casket & Vault store, for over 7 years we have been building customer loyalty and positive Word of Mouth referrals - - for this division. Our parent firm, Bob's A-Team Assoc. Inc. started in 1984, well into it's 20th yr.

This page of links for our visitors to use, browse and perhaps enjoy. There are perhaps links you might not find elsewhere. Note, we will also only link those that will return a link to our site. If you wish your web site to be considered, please email

This page of links is an ongoing page and will not be finished for a bit yet. In the mean time, here are a couple unsolicited testimonials from recent customers.
Dear Betty,
I just had to write and Thank You from the bottom of my heart for all your help at the time of my fathers death. Your help in processing my order for my Dad's casket was made so easy, in such a difficult time. I felt you went above and beyond the call of duty, with the good advice you gave me and the constant monitoring of my order till you were able to get the casket I requested.
The man who delivered it to (snip) Funeral Home in Monroe, La. arrived right on time and very helpful. The casket was BEAUTIFUL, I have no doubt that my Dad would have been extremely pleased and I was ecstatic. You were right when you said the pictures do not do them justice. Several people at the funeral home commented on what a wonderful selection I had made and I let everyone know where I got it, who I ordered it from and the wonderful service that I received.
We had no problems with the funeral home accepting it and no hidden or added on payments from them because we didn't buy there. I kinda felt like I was not the first person to have a casket delivered from another state.
Again I want to say from my family and myself, THANK YOU BETTY! you were truly a bright spot in a very dark day.
Best Wishes to you & A-Team,
Jackie Tubbs
ps. You have my permission to use my letter as a testament to the exceptional value, reliability and personal service by you and A-Team. I would like you to include the city and the state, because it may help someone else here in Louisiana from going thru what I did. Because of the way the Louisiana rules are written concerning purchasing caskets out-of-state, the consumer is led to believe that it can't be done. You not only provided the casket I requested, it was at the funeral home within 24 hours of my 1st phone call!! I forgot to mention above, that I don't mind if you use my name, I wrote it & I meant it!
(and another.) Thank you for the great job (....snip). You were considerate of my schedule, prompt and you did what you said you would do. You really are an A Team.
Sincerely, Ms. Vaigl, Willoughby, Oh

These above are an example of many. We enjoy them from all sources, email or snail mail. It is a nice reward, a job well done & to know we are here to assist. Giving people confidence, answers with many options. When naturally in this funeral arrangement field -- it wasn't always so. People were kept in the dark. Call     not to be alone, in the dark, or overspend needlessly.
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Really nice Packages of 6 Thank you cards - sympathy cards + envelopes Thank you cards & all other types and all other types as well. Best deal we have found, USA made too. (free e-cards too)
See a site that might just be what you are looking for

We are very grateful to the owners and webmasters of all of these sites below! However, listing here does not imply endorsementof anyone else's content or point of view.
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if they meet up to your needs and check ups. links page two
About Colorectal CancerAccording to the American Cancer Society (ACS), colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States and the third most frequently diagnosed cancer. The ACS estimates that 147,500 new cases of colorectal cancer will be diagnosed in the United States in 2003. Please click to read our family funeral, Loving tribute to Bob Brown, co owner, a very loving man, who we all miss terribly.


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