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Or end up paying much more than you need to. Funerals are hard enough as it is, educate yourself so your spending and grief are not added to. The cost of the burial and funeral services have now become listed in the top three purchases a person will make in a lifetime.
The fact that not several purchases of this type per person are engaged, and mostly they are
sold AT NEED leaves room (if uninformed) for added grief!!
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This 20 question quiz is meant to show you how easy or not ~it might be for someone ( a salesman or saleswoman - and yes, funeral directors fall in this category, as do cemetery & all other death related merchandise suppliers) to deal with you. To promote, promise or if selling to you or your loved ones ~ something that they shouldn't, can't or MAY be impossible to deliver OR Is it overpriced! And do YOU know it?

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Each answer is worth 5 points for a total of 100 points.

1) Are funeral directors the only people that can take charge of the deceased's body ? Yes No

2) Does state law require embalming services be done to the deceased (period, or) for a closed casket funeral service, held three days away? Yes No

3) Are funeral homes permitted to restrict the purchase of caskets and/or graveliners -only, from their firm? Yes No

4) Do all cemeteries require a vault or grave liner? Yes No

5) A lump services & product, at funeral homes, typically sold as "Traditional Package" is the best money saving choice / deal they offer, & the one you should buy? Yes No

6) If cremation is the option chosen, is a hardwood casket required for the cremation itself? Yes NO

7) If you have purchased a life insurance policy to cover the burial & services - do you need to make the funeral home the beneficiary, or an added signer on the policy, if they suggest it? (Or sign it over to them) Yes No

8) If the option of cremation was chosen, can the mortician require the purchase of an urn from their firm? Yes No

9) Once you have chosen a funeral home, if you have an unfortunate disagreement with the funeral director, are you "stuck" to not being able to move to another funeral home, if you want to? (Or can they hold the body hostage)? Yes No

10) In the event of a death of a loved one in another state or some distance away (50 miles or more) the best thing to do is contact the funeral home nearest the occurrence, so they can handle the body and make arrangements with your hometown-local(where service are going to be held) - funeral home to move the body? Yes No

11) Can you home make the casket for the burial or/and without any involvement / permission from the undertaker - for the funeral home service, viewing? Yes No

12) Once a death has occurred - is it correct to say the survivors have time constraints of just a few (3-5) hours before one needs to "make arrangements?" Yes No

13) A body is required to have an autopsy ~ if death was a result of natural causes & hadn't seen any doctor within a year? Yes No

14) If an autopsy was done, with an open casket service, is it very likely the embalmer will add fees for "other preparation to the body?" Yes No

15) Does age, disease, or amputation prevent me from becoming an organ donor? (With some restrictions) Yes No

16) My family can handle all the paperwork and have the funeral service at my church or my home, if I stipulate it, or if that is what the deceased requested to be done? (in 43 states) Yes No

17) Is the number one , two & three reasons that the cost of the funeral/burial is SO outrageously HIGH ~ due to emotional overspending plus the fact there are just too many funeral homes and in the past, they have had a closed market? Yes No

18) If I am shown (at funeral home) a casket showroom - or a three ring binder of product, often a funeral director suggests 2 or 3 units, just based on how I dress, what I drove up in, or if in the past, my family has used their services, & history of spending patterns are used? Yes No

19) I bought a steel gasketed casket and spent a lot of money. The funeral director assured me it was a great protective unit and the vault also, now can the body (as I was told) be preserved and protected a lot better and for a greater, extended amount of time? Yes No

20) The cost of the funeral and burial has risen so sharply and so many funeral homes have been found selling under pressure, guilt or deceiving tactics, all sales people/directors now must give their clients a (GPL) general price list of all items and service charges the minute they start talking about "arrangements" ~ or be opening themselves up to an $11,000.00 fine, from and according to the Federal Trade Commission? Yes No

Thank you for visiting! THESE are REAL answers to funeral questions, inform yourself for peace of mind and savings. Please make sure your e-mail address is filled out so correct answers can be returned.

Once you are done, and CLICK THE submit the form, you will be taken to a page about F.R.O.P. funeral rule offender's program page. A site to read up more on the death care industry.)So, first before click ,READ the joke at the bottom for a good laugh!
~ 20 Ques. above ~ Which do YOU think there WERE more of yes or nos?
Sadly, this is basic information, and only covers in part, the funeral home.
Some directors say the family has to be there at delivery of an outside
purchased casket. This is NOT true and is prohibited as well.
There are other "tactics" that are played out at the Cemetery and or Monument Sales also! Becoming informed is the KEY! There are Many devoted in this field, however many too, whose motive may be questionable or looking to make as much profit as possible at this appointment.
Is there any thing else we can do for you? Or do you have any questions? After you do, check back here for the other links too. Page last updated 08/17/03 (It may take a few seconds to tally the answers, scroll below to read more please wait, if score not shown, when it is emailed back, you'll see it then.
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Humor helps too!
Last Wishes-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Sometime after Sidney died, his widow, Tillie, was finally able to speak about what a thoughtful and
wonderful man her late husband had been.
"Sidney thought of everything," she told them. "Just before he died, Sidney called me to his bedside. He handed me three envelopes. `Tillie,' he told me, 'I have put all my last wishes in these three envelopes. After I am dead, please open them and do
exactly as I have instructed. Then I can rest in peace'."
"What was in the envelopes?" her friends asked.
"The first envelope contained $5,000 with a note, 'Please use this money to buy a nice casket.' So I bought a beautiful mahogany casket with such a comfortable lining that I know Sidney is resting very comfortably.
"The second envelope contained $10,000 with a note, 'Please use this for a nice funeral.' I arranged Sidney a very dignified funeral and bought all his favorite foods for everyone attending."
"And the third envelope?" asked her friends.
"The third envelope contained $25,000 with a note,
'Please use this to buy a nice stone.'
Holding her hand in the air, Tillie said, "So, do you like my stone?"showing off her ten carat diamond ring.
Contributed by: Rodney and Cathy's Joke List
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