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Ø Details of a do it yourself family church funeral (could have been home funeral)
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(try single words 1st) Why pay highest retail?  Discounted sales of every complete funeral or burial need. Any and every quality funeral product or need.
Many pages of information, products for all funeral needs as well. Please call anytime, 24/7 - 800-595-1313
ØPlease copy these two pages for funeral shopping chart to detail comparison of prices in parlors, funeral chart .

 Some overspend on a funeral because they want to, or perhaps out of love, guilt or not knowing how to avoid it- while still getting dignified funerals.

Ø Others because they were bold enough, but someone gets away with 'haggling' to a customer who knew their rights, yet an undertaker tries to stifle the sale. But he dealt a bad hand to his customer, while taking thousands for the 'service' he proceeds to act unprofessional in regards to his firm loosing the sale of product. And he sure didn't get away with it. We are not done yet!

ØKnowledge is Key. The ´average´ funeral is unplanned, not saved for, and sadly, not spoken of with the loved one who has passed, prior to the death. Please see death stats and other information.

ØOften the public does not know where to turn if there have been problems. First is the owner, who if (s)he fails to address your concerns satisfactory, there are many others - the FTC, BBB and then, help from the Funeral Ethics Assoc. 866-866-5411

ØLet us consider your site, to Add URL  to our on site exchange links page. 

ØThere are four choices about what to do with the body: burial, entombment, cremation and body donation.
(A list of U.S. medical schools that accept bodies is posted on the Internet at medlist. Or call the National Anatomical Service (800-727-0700)  But be sure to know what questions to ask, and cover everything!) 

ØThe Natural Death Centre's
d-i-y funerals
 Overseas the diy funeral movement has been growing for years We are a funeral guide - consultant as well.

    Ø FAQ   page on our website & is well worth the read.

Testimonials are posted through out the site. This one comes from a man who wanted a 4 ft child's non interiored fiberglass casket, using it as a cooler for behind his car show entry.
"This is to let you know that you have a very good employee working for you. Betty Brown had gone out of her way to help me buy a casket. Her customer service is outstanding. She helped me out were most of the business here in Denver Colorado would not even talk to me and was glad I left. Betty worked hard for me even though I may have been a pain at times by bugging her. I know the big hang up was not her fault but she had to go to another outlet to make this all happen. And I'm pleased to say I did receive a very beautiful casket, a very good work of art. My plans for it has changed a bit. I'm only going to make changes to the bottom half and keep the top the same, it will work better for show. I work with customer's all day long myself and I wish that I had a employee with as much skills in customer service as she has. If your company has a thing as the employee of the year I would highly recommend her for it. Thank you very much. Vic Mc Mullin"


ØA Team Masters offers funeral coaching so you direct the funeral, and professional shopper services.

Our goal is to put the consumer on an even ground with the mortician, to shed light on the consumer's options in ALL Funeral Preparations and end of life purchase choices. To make sure that any director or government does not have a green light to run roughshod over anyone's economic liberty. Our aim is to protect our Americans’ hallowed right to earn an honest living without arbitrary government interference. To stop others who have had these last rites 'sales' without competition for decades -strong-arming and trying to stop freedom of choice with unethical sales tactics. The public needs and seeks full information, and dislike being held in the dark about funeral decisions and their many choices in funeral memorial services any longer. 

ØTO inform:  Being a consumer advocate is an important part of our 'service'. A Team Master's informs their customers, goes 110% to make sure freedom of choice is always permitted to be carried out, as the FTC rules state - by the public in arrangement of funerals!

ØA wedding, A funeral, car and /or vacation purchases are all the most expensive purchases one might make in a life time. In most all of these costly purchases - people plan for, save for and shop or budget for - most that is, perhaps except for the funeral. The public used to be afraid to speak of funerals, and be kept in the dark on this subject as well. With the knowledge seeking - `have it my way` baby boomers, this is now changing. The information is now out there, and the Federal Trade Commission promotes competition within the death care trade as well. Many of the public have not heard that they have choices - that there can be considerable savings in purchase and funeral arrangements. At our firm, A Team Master`s Casket & Vaults, we have documentation that there is an average of 64% savings on burial items for our clients, when they purchase from us. See full details of DIY funerals (complete or partial arrangements by family) in full page, links and at bottom of page as well.
Federal Trade Commission oversees the consumer's rights
ØFTC Order study our firm did on funeral rule 'sweeps'. .

The public at large, has little idea how costly this purchase will become - and where to turn to for assistance. The subject of funerals has been kept ´in the dark´ for many years. This has been in part, due to the reluctance to speak of one´s own death in the last few generations - since funeral arrangements have been taken out of the home, where all of the family took part in the ´service and body´ for the burial. Also in part too though, the less educated one is on any purchase, the more control and overcharging goes on in that purchase, so perhaps many like the subject being in the dark, and strive to keep it that way on purpose. If there are funeral events that do not go right, or the owner (often funeral director) is not responsive to your needs, or what was promised, the purchaser often fails to complain. This hurts their memory, their pocketbook often, and future consumers of that firms´ services as well, heading for the same trouble that you had - that maybe could have been prevented, if reported. Plus, it hurts stats that the Federal Trade Commission keeps, on all trades. The FTC has a ´funeral rule´ they enforce due to so much abuse within the industry in the past.

The average funeral should be pre planned, not pre paid at a mortuary (as the first above link details more). The average funeral purchaser hands the control over to another, and often sorry they did that so much. The family has the control, and should use it themselves for a more personal service - making it a special event that will always be remembered. The family can do the whole funeral if they wish, in most all states. Or if you need to help arrange a funeral for a friend.

Nowadays the funeral is becoming more costly than an average purchase, as the price has skyrocketed. People are speaking of the event, the prices, and who was helpful, resources as well.

 Please pass the word on about us, they will be Thankful you did! While it might be helpful to know "The average local funeral home conducts only 50 to 75 funerals per year" the average person only purchases 2 or maybe 3 burials IN a LIFETIME, so they do not get ´good at it´. Turn to others to get help and others opinions. "The average funeral home has been in business over 59 years " so they have had plenty of time to ´get good´ at it. You should not stay in the dark about this subject.

"The average funeral with burial today, costs over $10,000" and that alone should make this purchase something you research and become knowledgeable about. Even though cremation is becoming popular, saving the burial costs of a grave plot, the opening/closing, and headstone, often times the price is still over $5,000.00 to $7,000.00 mostly because people are uniformed and it is a rushed  and often emotional purchase. Check out more than one funeral provider, as you do not need a casket (in most states) for cremation, or (in ALL states) no embalming is required for burial or cremation, or with a closed casket service if there is no viewing (and if the funeral is days away, body refrigeration is used instead). 
Sometimes morticians own cemeteries, and add rules you need to know about as well. If for instance, they require embalming to those planning a crypt - as some do. Tomb use is growing by leaps and bounds.
"While no one tracks the construction of mausoleums nationally, Tribute Cos., a Delafield, Wis., company that provides design and building services to cemeteries, says above-ground burials now account for up to 30 percent of all burial work it does, up from 5 percent to 10 percent just a year ago. The Prairie Home Cemetery in Waukesha, Wis., says sales of above-ground burial plots have nearly tripled over the past three years."

Call on A Team Master's - 800-595-1313 We can assist in all funeral arrangement needs.

ØPrior to a death / to do list
After death decision

In most cases after a death, it is the family who must make those arrangements. They face four key sets of decisions:
1. What kind of service/ to do with the body
2. What and where services and merchandise are to be purchased.
3. What ceremony or ritual will best acknowledge the death and celebrate a life
4. How to memorialize the life

Ø Please bookmark our site, as we update it often, including info about funeral services choice.
  • ØThere are many sites, 1 for loss of a child is - The Compassionate Friends child loss support site and others - do a search on the web and perhaps you can find a support group near you.
  • ØRepeating a point to this page, a quick link to browse and delivery all USA to purchase caskets online on our Selections page. When savings might be as high as one thousand dollars (depending upon the choice of caskets) on a casket or more , plus another few hundred on a grave liner, it makes sense to keep our phone number and web page information, for future need. To seek out now, information from us on your desires. A Team Master`s ships all USA, to the funeral home or address of your choice, quality USA made product, at need or pre need. Permit us to assist you in your funeral arrangements, as we have over the last 6 years, help many consumers have saved TWO & THREE thousand dollars, and then some. All orders are by phone - call today.
  • ØDoing a funeral yourself, with the assistance of your family or friends, is not easy by any means. This is a more than stressful time for many, they just want to grieve. For many others, the added 'work' of doing the final good-bye themselves, or ANY part of it, is a true blessing in creating an 'event' that everyone is proud of. You can pick and choose if you wish to do only part of the list of things needing done. It is like delegating things to someone else, except you are paying for their services.
Some sites linked here take you off our web site, and they open a new window so our visitors will not get lost in being able to return to ours. If you find any links not working, please let us know.
    Do-it-yourself Tombstones, authored by Dale Power, provides you with the tools and techniques to create long lasting, beautiful stone monuments and markers with a sandblaster. Step-by-step, with straight-forward explanations and color illustrations, Dale takes you through the process from preparing the stone and sandblasting mask, through the sandblasting process itself, and finally to finishing touches that will make your monument stand out among the rest. Please email if interested. Also looking for source for diy burial vaults, as we have inquiring people looking for do it yourself grave liners as well.
  • ØWhat is embalming all about? It is important to know embalming isn't a state requirement in most instances - and only funeral homes mostly have this as a required item, if you choose an open casket viewing.
  • ØEarth burial of a casket usually takes place following a funeral service in a church, funeral parlor, or home ceremony. Although, no service is required at all. Burial in a cemetery below ground, or above ground mausoleum entombment inside of a crypt instead of an earth grave are the two choices. The 'burial' consists of the body only in some areas, no casket, no embalming, no outer burial container, no monument or marker.

    Because of some of the above items being costly, some now choose cremation that would have preferred an earth burial. But that does not need to happen - one just has to know the choices, available instead and to plan ahead for which type of burial they really want. Another item to add to the list is 'opening and closing of the grave plot for the burial. Too bad the cemetery owners do not let families dig the opening, that wish to, in all states. Some still do however, so if this is something you wish, ask about the rules.

  • ØDisposing (what a cruel word) of the ashes is a personal choice. Many containers of ash are buried in a cemetery or laid to rest in a mausoleum. If an earth burial, an outer burial container may be required. Please check us out at A Team Masters, we have all your needs, and at the best prices. If ashes are maintained in a residence special arrangements must be made for when the holder passes away. Often times the ashes will be scattered in a special place.

    In 1970, cremation was 4.58%; in 1980 it was 9.74% and in 1989 it was 16.36% of all final dispositions. Some say cremation is gaining as a choice nowadays - and account (in some states) for 21% of all funerals- up from 7% in 1975. And almost to the macabre, family members can watch as the body enters the crematorium and- this is true- even flip the switch. Some feel a need to do all they can for that final trip - and know it was all done right.

    This event is about you, what you wish to do period. If you wish an earth burial (as most do) you can pre plan for it. There are no second chances to 'change your mind' once the deed has been done. Even if you choose cremation and are thinking of spreading the ashes, just whatever your choice, please think it through. Does your family wish a place to visit your grave?

    Size also matters in cremation. 20% of adults are now obese as are 17% of those over age 70. The average weight of an elderly man is 185 and the woman is 165. If overly large, perhaps some special circumstances will be needed if cremation is the choice.

  • ØAlthough it is not usually done, the bereaved can attend the cremation. Cremation is accomplished by exposing the body to intense heat in a specially designed incinerator called a crematory. The body is reduced to bone fragments which are pulverized into ashes. The cremation process takes two to three hours to complete.
    The ashes typically weigh about 5 or 6 pounds and take up a space of from 150 to 200 cubic inches. If the cremation takes place in isolation the ashes will be placed in a temporary container until a permanent one has been designated. While most state laws do not dictate a casket for cremation, most often a cremation container is required. Sometimes not, just wrapped in a sheet, or use of special type of burn-able body bag, or cardboard cremation casket.

    Afterwards, more choices, these range from expensive urns to simple cardboard boxes specifically designed to hold ashes. The ashes may Not to be shipped by mail to a final recipient not attending the cremation anymore, due to postal security issues .

  "Getting clients the very best price & services on
  ALL  Funeral caskets & or Burial vault and other needs."

Our goal and commitment at A Team Masters, to all of our clients - is to provide our families with quality product - at great prices, dependable and excellent services, quality care and to be responsive to their needs. WE understand this is not the purchase anyone gladly makes, and always hope that a return visit for your needs will be ages from now.
 Since 1997 - we are sincerely  grateful you looked to us, and we strive to earn our reputation again with each new patron. Please refer us to others. Let us help in any way,  Thanks too - for reading. Betty B., CEO


Are the COSTS of funerals making you mad??

From A Team Master's Casket & Vault, LET'S FIGHT BACK AND STOP THIS MADDNESS! 800-595-1313

The funeral parlors have the staff, hall, product and knowledge to take care of the dead body. They have upped the price of a funeral and for that convince of doing everything connected with handling a funeral - "making it one of the largest purchases in a life time" (FTC). $5,000.00 to $20,000.00 or so.

However, people are really seeing red about the costs, especially if they have 2 or three deaths in the space of a few years. They haven't paid off the first one yet!! What to do?? Let me tell you what has been happening. The FTC instituted the Funeral rule, FTC orders forcing the morticians to unbundle their prices, and detail what the charges were. This opened the way for retail casket stores. The competition forced the morticians to lower SOME prices in some instances. Then - the bad sales tactics started. Only those that arrived at the parlor saying they were going to purchase the casket outside of the funeral home were sometimes offered steep discounts, where some undertakers met the price of the retailer, (haggling at a time like this, how disgraceful!) causing some of the retailers to go out of business, so those mortician could raise their prices again. THEN in some instances, the patron was told they needed an oversize casket - when in fact, they did not, but it works in stopping the arrival of an outside casket sale to the parlor. NOW, however, the morticians have found an effective way to stop freedom of choice, at the consumer's expense, without them knowing of it. THEY have 'bundled the sale' again, but the difference this time is, it includes the high price of a casket, but the shift is put to the non declinable 'service fee' of funeral director and staff. It makes it appear that if one shops outside of the parlor, they are paying more for the balance of the funeral. Claiming it is like a 'packaged meal' one might buy at McDonalds, always being less than if bought individually. HOWEVER, don't be fooled, it is meant to keep all sales in house at the parlor, and to drive retailers out of business so they will not have competition again. Those prices are not really any savings. That, and some 'shoppers' are printing retail price sheets of casket costs from the retailers, and showing it to the mortician, and ONLY THEN getting steep discounts at the retailers expense, using them to 'meet their price' from the undertaker, when in fact, after it drives the casket store out of business, it will only be worse for the public, because it will stop competition and make prices sky high at funeral parlors, like they were prior to retail casket stores.
Well the smartest will research the subject, will plan ahead, even down to what they wish done, will do when a death happens. A Team Master's Casket and Vault 800-505-1313 LET'S FIGHT BACK AND STOP THIS MADDNESS!

1) Have in place details - what kind of casket do you wish? Made out of what material, color, and what price range? A Team Master's accepts pre planning or pre payments (put in Trotten account at your local bank.)What kind of grave liner or burial vault do you wish? Headstone? Get prices from us and pre plan it all - what cemetery do you wish to use? See our funeral savings shopping chart at
2) Are you a member of a church, or do you have access to any nice large building for a 'funeral' or memorial? The public might not be aware, there are many ways to save on that cost the mortician charges. See how a family can do the complete funeral without a funeral director altogether. One of several ways (this page), if you wish to do the details yourself. YOU can have a service without the body there.
OR YOU become the director..... YOU take charge of the body buy the casket delivered to address of choice & vault (we deliver & install grave liner) from A TEAM MASTERS and 'arrange the funeral' with reading up, gaining knowledge AND saving THOUSANDS!

A) upon a death, obtain the death certificate from the doctor, take it to your local health department, obtain a burial transportation permit - it permits you to transport the body $3.50 You can drive it to a parlor, seek only their services of embalming, or refrigeration and they will charge you only that - in the neighborhood of $275- $400.00 or so. You can do all the other details. They might have you sign a paper releasing them from any obligation to 'direct' this funeral, but you will not be charged that huge basic service fee of nearly one thousand dollars or two in some cases. You will need to file the death certificate, (not hard at all) at the social security offices and place the obit, if you are going to have one, and order the opening of the grave plot, if earth burial and arrange all the details if you are going to have an open viewing ceremony at a church or hall. How one family did it
Also, if you wish an open casket viewing and no embalming, you can use dry ice for surrounding body.
Cremations are also self conducted by family as they too, run into thousands of dollars by those who are unaware of their choices.

- 800-595-1313 - Seek all product at A Team Masters for best prices.
Delivery all U.S.A. call on us. Funeral Consulting also fee starts $65.00

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