Our firm saves our clients TIME , MONEY & Perhaps some added grief too.~ Read extra burden ~ An Informed customer has less of a chance to GET SOAKED & feel uncomfortable , confused & coerced - either at need or pre-need. Reading these pages inform / educate! Our Contact us page. 

Woods shown 1st Woods casket Order Form @ link opens new window for larger photo.
Remember, Best freight air shipment is included. Guar/overnight available +$150-250 .

AArk wood

kosher casket, shipped flat, no interior -has dovetail assembly, natural (velvet covered) rope handles click

Richly grained ash in Star of David, tailored eggshell crepe Jewish casket click Or The Tradition,$1,410.00 mouse over photo & Rt click for lg image all Natural.
Distinctive Ash

Rich natural finished ash wood, elegantly tailored eggshell crepe. Brass tone accessories with solid wood handle bars. view lg click
Golden Oak

Jewel-tone pieta hardware, Eggshell crepe interior - wheat accent. View image for large photo click

Hardwood grain, finish is light honey, interior satin in an english sunrise design. White satin interior. View large photo click


Hand rubbed quality solid Oak wood casket. Rose Tan crepe interior. Enlarged click
Pioneer Pine

Solid pine with crepe interior - This splendid unit is one of our most requested. View lg click along with those others shown here.
The Barkley

Solid Poplar wood - darkest /crepe interior view lg click
The Summit

Solid Oak, with a dark walnut color finish, crepe interior. Lg. view click
York, Batesville, Aurora
various prices

Please note the name, color and style of any other woods - manuf. you might see in a mortuary showroom and we will shop for you, but at huge savings! click
Your shopping here saves. Call to confirm - 800-595-1313 order, date & shipping address
All USA made

Carrington Cherry, velvet interior, solid cherry click$3,200.00 Shipping is included (in all) - if we can ship "best freight" 2-3 days. If overnight is needed, added fees sometimes may apply.

Also, if person is over 280 lbs and or 6'5" tall an oversize unit might be needed. Also see Fiberglass, Steel/Metals & Oversize or childrens - links to other choices on burialitems.com Call us 800-595-1313 24/7 to answer your needs.

    Order Form for SOME of our woods above (Click on + sign to order)

Powered by StoreBuilder, a service of Add Me.com Order form #2 for SOME of our steel/ metals below
watchFTC: Regulated in 1994 that funeral homes must allow people to Home Make a Casket, or
purchase Caskets from "Third Party Resalers." No Funeral Home is permitted to charge a handling fee or discriminate in any way. NOR can they tell you that it is required you must be there for the delivery. This lie is sometimes told. If you have this problem happen (more not then do, but know your rights!)Tell them to contact us, AND you understand FTC disallows them to tell you that.Also this is detailed not permitted on the NFDA website section with funeral rule handouts that Director's assoc. publish. Additionally, people may have the service in Churches ~ their homes or graveside (or other facility). "Care for your own Dead" details states & information on how members of religious groups (in 43 states)(see title) - at the library, author Lisa Carlson. Or one may by-pass the use of a Funeral Director altogether. They might also split the duties of the Funeral Director using their customer's RIGHTS.
This next text quoted ~ 1994 FTC Funeral Rules ~Also get a copy of a Funeral Consumer's guide ~ (provisions given to those in the industry, that they MUST FOLLOW. Reading up ONLY helps you.)
"Telephone Price Disclosures~Establishments must give consumers who telephone your place of business and ask about your prices or offerings accurate information from your
  1. General Price List,
  2. Casket Price List, and
  3. Outer Burial Container Price List.
You also must answer any other questions about your offerings and prices with any readily available information that reasonably answers the question.(17)
Note: No one can require callers to give their names, addresses, or phone numbers before you give them the requested information. You can ask callers to identify themselves, but one still must answer their questions even if they refuse to do so. Funeral homes cannot require consumers to come to the funeral home in person to get price information." {end quote}
seelink to read or get literature.) for the Funeral Rules

The thing goldenIS, Do Not let *others* Rob you of the considerations , requirement Plans & LAST Rights Ceremony that you want.
The choices should be Personal - NOT Pre-packaged & if you didn't go for the "bundled" (= highest price) before, Why Now?
Also, note: watch"The Package " is the
Salesperson's * PUSH * (read Avoid)
& MORE expensive by A LOT ~ then
your Menu of Personal Selection !
Our client's Choice is what we care about.
E-mail a-team@stratos.net or call
1-800-595-1313 to
to go over your options & choices.

There are many fine, honest, devoted & caring professional Funeral Directors out there. (And SOME just *ARE* NOT!)
  1. Information is the key to find them, and KNOW the difference! If that Professional will:
  2. Not try to persuade clients to "buy" something more then what was in mind.
  3. Not lower their prices on any caskets ~ NOW~ because they now find they have some competition. If they can drop the price several hundred, what else are they overcharging on?
  4. Give out their GPL & Casket price list prior to any "planning ." ** The FTC regards this so IMPORTANT, They have levied a $11,000.00 fine for those who fail to do this! * *{note} The FTC perform spot checks to confirm funeral homes are in compliance.
  5. Acknowledges the significance of customer's choice of purchases for their loved one's burial, & accept, another mortician could've been chosen.
  6. Give telephone price Disclosures, as required by law......
    THEN that person or family is thinking of
    doing business with one of the "Classier firms!!"

However. those firms that employ the shameful tactics ~ do not care about you ~ hurting or not. They know perhaps the person just wants to be able to get over with this appointment, so they can grieve. They don't want to be there. Alert the FTC if you find non-compliance also! Make out a complaint to the FTC if needed - or call us
(steel/metals only)
Classic Vet
$ 2000.00

Steel 18 gauge, gasketed, pearl gray crepe w/embroidered memorial wreath in head panel, Red, white & blue accents - Silver finish, Platinum-tone accessories click
$ 850.00

20 gauge non gasket, crepe interior , exterior Silver click
Going Home

Steel 18 gauge /sealer with crepe interior, light blue ~ doves flying away click

Steel~ 20 gauge, sealer - light pink (or white avail.)crepe interior - head panel & throw has rose flowers as well, hardware details roses click
Sterling Pristine Everlasting
$ 3200.00

A solid premium stainless steel, gasketed- in a stately brushed natural finish ~ Elegantly tailored gray velvet interior click
The Cathedral
$ 1400.00

Steel 20 gauge sealer, crepe interior ~available in blue, bronze or silver click
The Elite
$ 5000.00

Quality solid 32 oz. Bronze,gasketed. with a brushed natural finish ~Tufted white velvet interior click
The Heirloom
$ 1,999.00

18 Gauge steel,sealer/ crepe interior, available in ebony or amethyst ext.
Moonlight Valley

$ 1100.00

20 gauge steel, finished in a moolight silver with onyx accent click
The Edison
$ 1,300.00

Steel non sealer with crepe interior ~ in bronze color finish.
York, Batesville & Aurora
(various prices)

Please note the name, color and style of any other steel - manuf. you might see in a mortuary showroom and we will shop for you, but at huge savings! click
Your other needs, we can supply or perhaps refer also(fees vary)
(discounted prices)

  Please ask,  we have a lot more. click Other information and links on our site. Below for Fiberglass, etc. We only sell USA made caskets!

    Order Form for any of the Steel or Metals above

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Thank you for spending time here, Please tell your friends about our Casket store & this important information at http://www.burialitems.com/. Understanding this difficult process is only part of what we do, along with savings for our clients.
Most morticians are fair and professional, however in our many years of retailing funeral items direct to the public, we have found some who were not either professional nor had the consumer's best interest at heart in their transactions. Hence the details on our educational website. Free Funeral Information, options of many choices all along the way, personal care along with steep casket discounts and Substantial savings from A Team Masters.
We offer the public more than quality discounted funeral product. Allow us to assist
in making your loved one's funeral all that it should be.

Our firm can assist in all funeral product purchases, at better prices See what your budget gets for flowers too.
We will Shop three funeral homes of choice for Clients as part of our Professional Shopper's Service that is all about Saving your Cash (when this
service is contracted)
with Guaranteed Results!
Cash, Check, Check debit or Charge accepted ~ burial items ~ casket or service fees.

~ A.T.M. is A Team Masters !
WE Sell some Casket Styles, Makes & Models

" of caskets ~ Not available at the Local Mortuaries,
However ~ our customers use them there!"
**Plus brand name caskets that are same "dealer items" York, Batesville, & Doric, Wilbert (vaults) etc.
( but at Truly slashed price =savings!!)
pc of mindOur clients can accomplish more than just Savings ~ on the caskets~ with US ~ }
Caskets that are manufactured in steel , are rated in different thickness. A 20 gauge casket is a thinner rating then a casket that is an 18 gauge steel casket.

Caskets also come in Semi-precious metals ~ which add to the price.

Wood caskets are the preferred style by many. Caskets are made of most any type of wood cut.(Rainforest groups, however discourage mahogany.)

Wood, for some ~ rests easier due to the fact that they wish to return to the natural elements in a simpler manner.

We also have plain Pine caskets, they are Kosher approved. All types of materials are chosen, even biodegradable coffins ~ built with the "green" approach.

Still then, for those looking for Long lasting and affordable units, the Fiberglass casket is made to look like wood or steel & comes in many styles.

A customer's choice and concerns are the focus of our attention. Call to find out more.

Caskets are made with or with out a Sealer. When ~ back in the old days ~ soldier's remains needed to be shipped overseas, the sealer was implemented onto the caskets. In today's market, sealer's are sold by some for added protection, in the ground or crypt.
A Team Masters have both available ~ to those needing sealer caskets. We do inform & require a signature ~ & suggest that the seal be made useless once internment of the casket is at hand.

We offer only USA made & our manufactures take pride in the craftsmanship that goes into their units and all caskets are made of the highest quality. For most all caskets, we can custom order ~ color or style made.
1-800-595-1313 A Team Masters = Sensitivity * Dependable personal who will Show Devotion & Confidentiality returned as part of our SERVICE. Shipped Same / Next day - All Burial Items are Delivered to a Funeral Home of Choice, or any other Address Specified.
Our Product Line & Service gives you PEACE OF MIND * DIGNITY & DOESN'T HAVE TO COST YOUR LIFE'S SAVINGS ****
Part of the"Knowing " is who to call!

We say "Not to get soaked", in our ad ~ because Sometimes ~getting what you want is like wrestling with a WHALE.
It is how they (salespeople, funeral directors) make their living
~ ** Please understand, we are not ** grouping anyone.

However, know what to look for! **An uninformed customer is TRULY a Salesperson's Dream !!~ Let alone one who is "making arrangements under duress & pain !" CLICK FOR our 4 pg. PDF brochure

It really is your (or your Loved one's) Funeral... Spend only as much as YOU want, Do it like You want & You be in Control of All those Bells & whistles, not a salesman or others..

Respect & Love can be shown without going broke or so much more deeply in debt, when you buy from us.
The Service is for the living & the memories for the family and friends..

We also furnish Speakers for your Church or Group in Lake, Cuy. Geauga & surrounding Ohio counties (We can also arrange in some States.)Is your church looking for fund raising also? click ~
Our products are shipped
~ Delivered to address of choice, through out the USA!.
Did he or she consider donation of the body or of much needed body parts?
Consider is the word....Pre-plan is the Key.... >As with any Purchase,there are PLACES THAT SELL BY USE OF SCAMS * PLOYS * SHAM DISCOUNTS * MISREPRESENTATIONS & OTHER UNFAIR PRACTICES (GUILT & DEMEANING TERMS) Those that sell by the above methods, have things planned ahead and all mapped out. Just how to close the deal to the best of their advantage.

However, IF YOU have things all planned out and become informed of the choices you have ~ that helps in your not overspending. It also helps seeing a smooth sales tactic and walking away from it!

Grief added to, time ill spent and money changing hands on the burial service and merchandise, can be complicated, or uncomplicated.

Let us show you how to avoid overspending, pitfalls and how to make this time and these required purchases, a lot less complicated.

You are in the driver's seat, undoubtedly, and you have several needs, call us. We will work together to "make it uncomplicated & not so so expensive."
Don't gamble that someone else ~ will do it for you ~ the way that you want it, please click to savcash & get funeralwishes

member of the  NCRA, see our FAQ pg, FuneralIndustry Watchdog
FAQ page

We have several options for payment. Also, several ways to contact us regarding questions and / or needs. E-mail to: either ~ a-team@stratos.net or Teamsavcash emailed here or Phone 800-595-1313 About us
Ps. Some call a casket a coffin, which is fine - but there is a difference. The Coffin is more of an European item, it is six sided at the top, slender at the bottom, sometimes also called a "toe pincher coffin." See a miniature one at http://www.ateammasters.com/Value.html

However, it really doesn't matter if you call it a coffin or a casket, just call on us at 800-595-1313 for all your funeral product needs from A Team Master's Casket store & More. A professional firm on your side with compassion, quality USA made product, on time delivery and savings.

All brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Batesville, Aurora and York product names do not represent an endorsement from or approval by their owners. Nor is our firm recommending those over our other units. Higher priced and more advertised does NOT mean better. It is the fact they have had "the market" for so long by themselves -- and a closed market at that, that cause their prices to be so high at the funeral home. A Team Masters have saved our customers THOUSANDS of dollars in ALL funeral product needs, on any brand names.

This funeral services and goods, is a purchase most people (of course) would rather not make. It is one however that you should "shop" for. "Because it is perhaps one of the most expensive - rating in the top three purchases people DO make in a lifetime -- and most likely one of the largest this year."(Besides, it really might make it easier to "let go" by making some of the arrangements. Perhaps more Meaningful to take care of the Choices yourself.) Our firm is well experienced,
considerate, and will be prompt in assisting you as our customer.
Several Hundred or even Thousands of dollars in savings are possible -- let our professional staff assist today.