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The Federal Trade
(Request a complaint form
 to settle dispute or error
 with a funeral director,
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trades person  or
monument dealer that you
 may have had -
 if needed from the FTC or/
 and another booklet
"Complying with the
 funeral rule")
 To fully Know your rights,
 see FTC Orders link above please.

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              "Getting clients the best price & services on   ALL  Funeral & or Burial needs......"            
Casket, grave liners, headstone, other information, above  links work to left and below.
A Team Master's Casket store is committed to be the Best in meeting clients needs.
Our site is full of many pages of information and savings. Please take time to visit many pages to learn, shop and save. Pre-plan or at need, knowledge is power and offers REAL savings and reduced stress. A Team Master's Delivers all USA. 
~ Quick link to browse and to purchase caskets online on our Selections page offering our most popular caskets, photos & prices of our most popular wood or steel caskets. however if you have seen another - ask. All USA made -
we can offer ANY brand of casket as well, for a lot less! Delivered all USA.
  However, if you are looking for oversize, please click Large Plus size caskets link above.
A study A Team Masters did on the FTC Orders, the funeral rule and links showing how few pages there are about it, enforcement,etc. Also see Our Mission Statement About us We pride ourselves in carrying and promoting USA made products.
Divisions - link to left to our other divisions not related to funerals and retail goods.
Fascinating places to visit, many links on a variety of subjects. Cool page.
Goodies pg to browse, free links, etc. Also,see interesting Preferred reciprocal links To be added to our site, see our page at
Grave Liners, vaults, outer burial containers information. (same as link above) burialvaults for burial of cremains in urn vault. pg 2   for a link to  Cremation Urns see above for the urn page, some hand crafted.
(Also photos of family stock car, hobbies)/ Value Industry miniature items of funeral trade & related, funeral novelties.
Press Release Funeral Industry Trade Trends from A Team Master's Casket store.
Repeat links from above,Page 1 of 2 /of only wood caskets pg 2 of Woodcaskets and pg1 of only Steel caskets  Don't see what you need? Use our Casket form to request other details. Click FOR PDF brochure, after seeing the selections page. For 17 Slides of more photos   Petcaskets,urns Some large caskets in FiberglassCaskets With Youth casket as well. More Oversize caskets on this page too.  Baby & infant caskets 

Is there a Market for scratched, dented or "slightly imperfect caskets?" Press Release
Please print out this our  page at  and be ready to go over this information at the bottom when telephoning, Thank you.

A Team Master's Site Map page See our Showcase of some of our funeral and casket products we offer. Remember, if you have seen any brand,model or type of caskets /coffins elsewhere, and didn't see it here -we offer them all to you, at far less prices. For On time delivery, compassion, savings & professional staff please call. We are very aware of the time involved to accomplish tasks & deliver savings with understanding ~ products you can be proud of.

A Team Master's Casket store & More
262 Shelton Blvd. Eastlake, Ohio 44095
website delivery to all U.S.A. Call 800-595-1313 toll free or local phone: 440-942-8769            Fax: 440-951-6871 
Also, make sure to ASK if the funeral home you are using is a National Chain or not. They often keep the same name and employees after the parlor has been sold, but are higher priced due to stock profit concerns. CONSUMER REPORT Magazine reported in August 2001 that Family- owned local Independent funeral homes... "on average offered funerals for NEARLY $2,000 less than the big national chains." Call ahead to a few funeral parlors and get their GPL price list - to compare.
Check List: (If by phone or in person, please have information /fill in, or answer these questions, once they have indicated a purchase) &store information, follow up:
  • 1) Is the person that the casket is intended for: over 6'5" or 280 lbs?(in case oversize unit is needed -- information)
  • 2) Is this goingto be an in ground or above ground burial? (if above ground, measurements needed)
  • 3) Full Name of the deceased and
  • 4) Relationship
  • 5) 1st open casket (?) viewing date: Time:
  • 6) Name of funeral home (if any):
  • 7) Contact person: (title) address: phone: (call to inform delivery /get)hrs of operation/delivery?)
  • 8) Casket name and price:(no tax if out of state)
  • 9) full couch or 1/2? Exterior Material &color:
  • 10) Funeral casket Interior material color:
  • 11) Payment method: (We also accept life insurance assignment for product) Total amount:
  • 12) (if by ck/driver's lic or ss#) (if by charge, all info)
  • 13) Name/Person responsible for payment: address: home phone: work:
  • 14) Most do not, as we deliver to funeral home directly, but does the Customer wish to pick up unit at airport/warehouse?(savings of )
  • 15) Airport: Time arrival at airport, shipping number: Ground shipper: phone of shipping:
  • 16) W/H.Hours of operation, warehouse manned full time?(phone/directions)
  • 17) Delivery date to f.h. time:
  • 18) Is a grave liner needed? cemetery: AND the plot and section number of the grave. Time of the funeral services /funeral home name.
  • 19) Misc.notes/ needs:
  • 20) We do call back to confirm for the family, delivery date & time -once unit is delivered:
  • 21) The name of our store is A Team Masters, please feel free to call us with any questions, comments or needs. Thank you, Betty Brown, CEO Ps. There are many fields we can help our customers save money at:
  • grave plots (brokerage of unwanted cemetery grave lots)
  • Through our certified associations - transportation if needed of body from death event to another city/state for arrangements product of ziglar shipping cases, many things, etc. etc. just ask
  • How to save money at funeral home hints
  • Plus savings of tax on product from out of state purchases ~
  • We are available 24/7 -- Please call the 800-595-1313 and you will be connected right away to myself, Betty Brown, CEO, A Team Masters

Find out about the Colossal Colon Tour and if/when it comes to your area. They are traveling all U.S.A. to educate.
This is a lifesaving and very important - informative event.

To find out the tour stops go to

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