A Team Master's double urn vault

Exterior Dimensions Height 14 1/2" Width 14 1/2" Length 17 1/4" Cubic Inches 1700 of this "Global" unit above.
High-Strength - constructed of lightweight, high-density, double chamber polyethylene, a water proof material.
Double-Chamber Polyethylene A Team Master's double urn vault
Features Personalized Engraving - made of heavy guage solid bronze that enhances any of the pieces that you choose. Actual plate size is 5-1/2" wide by 3-1/2" high
Largest Model Ideal For Oversized Cremation Urn or Two Standard Urns
Below For Assembly Instructions
Price includes the Personalization and UPS Ground Shipping range of $290.00 and up. (other methods of shipping available, please ask for quote)
Applique Choices and available in different Exterior Vault Colors
A Team Master's double urn vault
assembly for A Team Master's double urn vault
1. Remove the four bolts and washers from the corners of the cover using a 7/16" socket spinner (A). The covers must be replaced in the position it was removed, using the same bolts. (Look for the 'index mark' on one corner of the body and lid to help in replacement, and note that the rear bolts are 2 1/2" long, the front ones are 2")
2. Turn the cover upside down and on a soft protective surface urse the supplied special G/E Translucent Silicone Rubber Sealant and cut the tip off to make a medium bead of about 3/16" - 1/4".
3. Lay three of these beads totally around the lid cover where t he extruded 'lip' meets the plane with the bolt holes in it. (See 2 and 3)
4. Place the cremated remains or cremated remains filled urn(s) in the body of the urn vault.
5. Carefully position the cover over the body of as it arrived. It might be a good idea to have a second person place the washers and bolts through the corner holes at this point and help guide the cover down onto the body. After the cover has been placed properly, the bolts can be firmly (but not overly) tightened.
The Convertible Urn/Vault also functions as an urn for placement in a columbarium or niche,or as a suitable repository for cherished memorabilia of a deceased loved one. Budget funeral products from A Team Master's casket store and more The Cosmos Urn Vault might fulfill a number of your urn vault requirements and needs.It can contain one large vase or two box type cremation urns for internment.It will contain the largest plastic temporary container of cremated remains as sent from a crematory.Where permitted, it may be used as a "bury over" urn vault (interred over a casket vault) due to its reduced overall height while still allowing the required depth of overfill.
The Cosmos Urn Vault A Team Master's single urn vault is extremely strong and durable. The Cosmos urn is somewhat smaller at a great price of $245.00 Exterior Dimensions Height 10 1/2" Width 13" Length 13 1/2" Cubic Inches 960
Like all of our urn vaults it meets or exceeds all required crush test standards. Several other sizes named below, to choose from, Dimensions
H * L * W * CU * WT
Convertible 7.75 8.00 7.87 300 4lbs
Cosmos 10.5 13.5 13.0 960 8lbs .
Constellation 12.0 14.5 10.5 1465 11lbs (at a cost of $325.00 )
Global 14.5 17.2 14.6 1700 14lbs
Dimensions are in inches

The Constellation Urn Vault (shown on the first page of urn vaults at http://www.ateammasters.com/urnvaults.html
Interior dimensions of the Constellation Urn Vault is 10 inches high, x 9 inches wide by 12 1/4 inches long.Its substantially more than sufficient size to accommodate one(1) larger cremation urn (or two(2) small urns).Exterior dimensions are 12"(H) x 10 1/2"(W) x 14 1/2 (L).Total interior capacity is 1465 cubic inches. Empty vaults weigh only about 11 pounds and can be easily stacked, lifted and buried by one person without costly equipment.

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