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~ All of Our Wood Caskets are of a Hand Rubbed Finished, quality throughout, and have an Understated Elegance ~ works of craftsmanship. Our Wood Casket Internet Showroom
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    darkest wood,Barkley Solid Poplar Barkley/crepe interior ~$1,498.00===============================================
    darkest wood, The CarringtonSolid CHERRY with a velvet interior ~ $3,200.00=====================
    darkest wood, Meredith Maple Solid Maple with crepe interior ~ $2,598.00
    dark wood,The Naturalist Solid Oak with crepe interior ~ $1,798.00===============================================
    light color wood, Pioneer Solid Pine with crepe interior ~ $1,400.00=====================
    available in pine, oak or cherry wood,County line~Jewish, OrthodoxCustom Country Creations,individually made with country quilts in the upper lid. Cotton/linen lace interiors ~ $1,960.00

    Of course, this thumnail version DO NOT give ANY OF these units justice. Click hotlink to see some large photos of A Team Masters's Oak hardwood caskets ~HERE.
    All of our caskets are works of art, finest materials and made with pride and care. Other casket photos may possibly be e-mailed to you please ask. Click
    We also have an internet showroom of just only Metal and/or steel Caskets, link at bottom of this page.

    There is a Quiz~ 20 questions about your death and funeral industry Smarts - This is a test no one should miss! Take this one and see how you do. Click here now or in a bit ~for Quiz *Please don't stay in the dark about this subject! ~ Our Mission Statement is here.
    ~ For Questions, Comment or Service: One of several ways to contact us:mail address is
    You can order several ways, please contact A Team Masters by email, phone at 1-800-595-1313 and we will answer any questions or take your order to process RIGHT AWAY!

    The ORDER FORM IS HERE A Team's Wood (only here) Order  form ~~

    *Our customer is VIP to us*
    All our "product (s) are delivered to any address of choice (USA) without added shipped fees, if we can ship BEST FREIGHT to funeral home, church or house. If needed OVERNIGHT ~ there may be added shipping fees." We will inform in advance, if any.
    Allow us to assist today~ not only can we SAVE your hard earned dollars (hundreds plus+) but the service can become dignity remembered.

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